VAS Pakistan


is to

  1. Serve Humanity and All other Lives in the Planet.
  2. Spread Education and Knowledge for Welfare.
  3. Provide Guide lines For Basic Medical & Educational Services.
  4. Develop Social Positive Communications.
  5. Preserve and Develop Wild Life (Plants and Animals).
  6. Improve Environment by saving Nature & Natural Reservoirs.
  7. Preserve & Promotes Social and Cultural Aspects and Traditions.

Our Values

We are Vigilant (V)
We are Administrative (A)
We are Systematic (S)
We are Pakistan (PAK)
So we are proud to be called

We Respect and Care Everyone
Religion, Sect, Caste,
Demography, Poor/Rich or any Sort of Racism.
When you approach us,
You Should be Best in Ethics and with Positive Thinking.
We can accommodate you easily on Meritorious Basis.