VAS Pakistan

General News
VAS-PAK (Pre-Lady Cadets, Lady Teachers,Lady Doctors, CR,s & Staff Nurses) Entry Batch *May-June 2021. PAK Selection & Recruitment Procedure is Updated.Candidates (for Permanent Pre-Cadetship or Jobs) applying after 16th February, 2021 are supposed to appear according to New Updated System. VAS-PAK Selection Evaluation System(SES) consists of Four(4) Phases
1.Live Telephonic Interview(Avg Duration 8 Min).
2.Live telephonic Interview (Avg Duration 10 Min)This interview will be taken after 72 144Hrs.
3.Preliminary Selection. (a).Intelligence Test.(b).Psychological Test. (c). General Knowledge Test.(d).Physical Fitness Test.(e).Medical Fitness Test. (d). Interview Candidate with at Least E-Grade will be short listed and sent for Pre-Final Selection. All above Part (3) Phases will be Re-Evaluated but with high standards and in details.
4.Final Medical & Final List. All above Selection Process consists of about Five Weeks (May be Shortened or Extended). The Finally Selected Candidates with complete uniform are Supposed to Join VAS-Pak/VMRC /VOC. within two Weeks (From the date of Final Selection) ;Otherwise their seat will be cancelled without any notice.
Sports-*All Pak Women Football Champions Trophy (4rth VAS Champions Trophy -Spring 2021) 28th March 2021 - 12th April 2021.*Hiking at Margalla Hills,Kahuta Mountains,Musk Poori (Nathia Galli)& Naran-Kaghan, First week of April 2021.*Para-gliding 10th April 2021