VAS Pakistan


It is an abbreviation of Vigilance Administrative System (Means Excellent in Administration).

It is an Independent Private System.

Normally if two months (08 weeks are remaining to complete the House Job, or any necessary course or degree) then Physicians, Respected Teachers & Sports Officer can apply with Surety Certificate (Hope Certificate) along with affidavit. Details could be provided after evaluating your documents.

Sorry, there is no preference regarding Nationality, Province and Sect etc. However, Sports/ (Extra-Curricular Activists) persons are considered in good manner regarding preference.

See our Annual Schedule or Calendar; we never overlap your educational time table (Institute’s Timings, Exams and Mid Terms etc).
Moreover, for last five years we are conducting Inter University Sports without disturbing any university schedule, although different universities have different schedule. Moreover, if you would have been selected in our Club, then Fifty Percent Tuition Fee in VAS Academy would be off.

We make your grades before the starting classes. And then make your grades at optimum level to get good start with potential and fruitful results.

Uniform makes you Disciplined & Organized. Moreover, it also removes the differences of high & low class attires, regarding the usage of private dresses; Transport facilityis offered to save your precious time as well as to ease your punctuality. And certainly, the Tours, Hiking etc. make your mind and ultimately your body healthy and keep you fresh.

Although about 6 -8 candidates would be accommodated in same or next Batch and same seats on Self Finance Basis (see jobs details). Moreover; normally top 20 to 40 candidates will be short listed till interview and final selection. It may be the four/4 seats. And the left over candidates will be accommodated in next Adjacent Batch, if other wise willing.

Your question has three parts (a) We have our own pattern with equal ratio (statistically) of all questions, therefore Islamic questions are for Muslim with their reasonable ratios.(b)Regardless scarf; it is a common sense that usually, Jean is not suitable during Physical Test regarding you performance as well as in an Interview. Actually, Jeans are titer & harder (in stuff) than trousers (Pants, Shalwar etc) and you can’t do physical work (our Physical Test) in an easy & fast manner.

Yes you can apply confidently, but do remember that during selection procedure (Examination, Physical Test & Interview) any candidate is not allowed to do smoking, using Naswar etc. or even keeping Cigarettes, Naswar etc. And, if you would have been selected, smoking is totally prohibited during entire training and service.

The candidates (Applying for VAS Officers /VMO, VRT & VSO) who qualified with 40% marks will be referred to Physical Test and 50% marks will be required in Physical Test to be appeared in an Interview. Aggregate percentage (with Matric, Intermediate and other Degrees marks) will be counted in Final Selection. (For more details see Model or Jobs details).

There is no further relaxation in this regard because:

(a) The qualifying standard in this regard is already normal to easy (with one week proper training only would make you to get Qualify–VAS may assist you via training conditionally).

(b) Female with age more than 27 years, will have to qualify with further least standards than normal.

(c) There are already three chances (in same week) for females to ease them regarding their Physical Fitness Status. Therefore, Physical Test is mandatory.